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PROJECT NAME: Climate Change project through Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood

Goal and objective of the project:

Goal of CSRL (Agriculture) project:

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) is developed through participation of small and marginalized farmers including women and labours and accepted policymakers.

Objective of CSRL (Agriculture) project:

  • To advocate for CARP to achieve a fairer distribution of assets, works and incomes of agricultural sectors, with emphasis on gender justice.
  • To protect country interest from IFIs policy imposition that affects national agriculture.
  • To regulate agribusiness companies practices so that profit is shared more equitably for the benefit of producers and farm workers.

Goal of CSRL (Climate change) project:

People affected by climate change and stakeholders (e.g. tank, NGOs-CBOs-CSOs) influence national and global actors for pressing developed countries to compensate financially and technologically for adaptation and mitigation.

Objective of CSRL (Climate change) project:

  • To empower poor and vulnerable community to raise their voices for equitable adaptation policies, fund and responses.
  • To contribute with allies globally agreed solutions for mitigation activities from the part of developed countries that avert dangerous climate change impacts.

Major Output of CSRL project:

  • At Present some ponds are drugging for restringing water. They use their restringing water at drought season.
  • The farmers cultivated climatic adoptive crop for sustainable agriculture trough different awareness.
  • They can plant fruits and other long trees at their pond’s surroundings. As a result, they can obstacle dangerous disaster.
  • At present, farmers cultivate wheat, gram, masterd instead of rice cultivation for law water use.
  •  Now farmers can conscious about climate change and which crops they can cultivate at several season.
  • Farmers now organized yard meeting on climate change and low water level by gathering farmers at Pachondor union of Tanor upazila .So that they can restore water.