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Project Name: Installation of Agricultural Machinery for Poor and Landless Farmers in Nachole Upazilla and Tanore Upazilla Project.

Project Description:

Nachole and Tanore area are located in high barind tract and drought prone area of Bangladesh. Here people depend on rain fed agriculture and used to traditional practices of cultivation. Climate change is a burning issue now a day and impacted immensely. Uncertain and erratic rainfall is endangering agriculture, people lives and livelihood. Installation of Agricultural Machinery for Poor and Landless Farmers in Nachole Upazilla and Tanore Upazilla Project significantly increased production of crops and improve the livelihoods and life standards of poor and marginalized people. This report carried out the reporting period from January to December 2018.

Goal of the Project:

Improving economic condition of the farming community through applying mechanized agricultural equipment technologies.

Objectives of the Project:

  1. 1.      The poor and landless farmer’s food security will be increased through modern technology.
  2. 2.      The poor and landless farmer’s knowledge will be increased at the circle of production crops through using agricultural machineries.
  3. 3.      Modern technological facilities will enhance the capacity of farmers.
  4. 4.      Through modern agricultural technology farmers can cultivate with decrease cost. As a result, income will increase.
  5. 5.      Agricultural production will be profitable through harvesting modern mechanisms.


1200 poor and marginalized families are more solvent prior to the project intervention. In 2018, additional 150 poor families got support from this project. This project reduced cost about 40% of production. The marginalized families are now not dependent on rainfall. They are also knowledgeable about the modern and mechanized technology of agricultural cultivation. More than 150 home based and filed based vegetable cultivation increased in 2018.Vegetable production through Water Pump

Impact on Beneficiary:

From the inception of the Project significant changes have been observed and documented. Production of crops increased and production cost reduced. So production is more profitable than earlier. Some unutilized lands now become coverage of cultivation. Homestead gardening increased in that areas due to getting irrigation facilities. This added extra income for the poor and marginalized family and to some extent reduces the malnutrition of people residing in those areas. Mechanized process also reduced hustle of women and children. Other solvent farmers are adopting mechanized system instead of traditional system. Socio-economic condition and living standards of poor and marginalized people improved. They are implementing mechanized system in their areas by own initiatives. This helped them making more profit than earlier.

Over all Learning’s:

The framers production cost reduces through modern technologies and for that their income willbe increasing and which affect their livelihood.